The Stock Exchange

Wikipedia defines a stock exchange as a form of exchange which provides services for stock brokers and traders to trade stocks, bonds and other securities. “The Stock Exchange” is a trading name of Windsor Reclamation, for here at Windsor Reclamation we trade London Old Stock Bricks, and really our business isn’t that far removed from […]

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Your very own Grand Design

Are you like all of us here at Windsor Reclamation hooked by Grand Designs and moreover the thought of building your very own Grand Design? Oh the endless possibilities it opens! Not just for size and layout but for the materials you can use.

Reclaimed bricks are proving increasingly popular for new build properties as home owners […]

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Mortgage borrowing at an all time low

With the global economy reeling in the aftermath of a bloody recession, consumer mortgage lending is at an all time low. Banks stung by the sub prime lending all too common across the noughties, are now insisting on gold plated deposits, with the lowest being around 20%! This has resulted in homeowners improving, and extending […]

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