Last year we were asked to supply reclaimed bricks for a display at the Hampton Court flower show. They were to be used to create a glasshouse, with a period cottage feel. We worked closely with the landscape architect to ensure the bricks supplied matched her vision for her garden entry. As you can see from the picture, there are further ones in the gallery, the end result is stunning.  We think this is a great example of how you can completely change the final aesthetic of a conservatory or greenhouse, by using an old and very tactile material.

Here the designer has used multi stocks with a few London yellow stocks dotted around, but any of our reclaimed bricks could be used in creating an aesthetically beautiful base for your conservatory, glasshouse or orangery. Reclaimed bricks have a softer feel to them than a new brick, and sit well against any plant you choose to grow near.  Due to the age of our reclaimed bricks, some as old as 500 years they are not perfect in size or shape, part of their charm lies in their imperfections.  To someone not familiar with working with reclaimed bricks this can be a little alarming but we feel pictures of the end result such as this one help to allay fears.

We enjoy working on some of the more out of the ordinary projects and will always work closely with you to ensure you achieve your desired result. However we can only make recommendations based on our extensive experience. The final decision is always up to our customer, which is why it is so important to choose your bricks in person, call our yard today to make an appointment to discuss your upcoming project!

Our yard is not staffed at all times so please do call prior to your visit to ensure someone is there to meet you.