Happy New Year

Just a short post today to say Happy New Year to all of our customers!  After a short break it is back to business as usual at Windsor Reclamation.  We are in the process of recruiting a new driver, with a view to them starting in May, if you or anyone you know of would […]

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Christmas bricks

It’s getting to that time of year again. This weekend I saw no less than 12 adverts saying buy now and we will have it delivered or installed in time for Christmas! In our case buy now and we will have it delivered this week, possibly even the next day. We can’t however deliver the […]

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Fake Yellow Stocks

Have we reached peak fake yet? A certain new presidents overuse of the word would lead most people to believe that we have. I would say that this is just the beginning though! So from fake news to fake yellow stocks (seamless topical Segway there!).

Replica imperial bricks are quickly becoming our most popular product offering, […]

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Wonderful Brick Fireplace

What images come to mind when you think about the colder winter months? Woolly hats, mulled wine, the strictly come dancing Christmas special, dark nights and darker mornings? I think of these things and more, but I always come back to the joy of snuggling on the sofa, a trusted favourite on the television, something […]

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Brick is Back in Fashion

Brick is back! the Telegraph declared in a recent article, which is obviously good news for us.  Brick is once again becoming fashionable, in part due to its sustainability but also as a result of the individual aesthetic it provides.  This, it is hoped, will fuel a sharp increase in demand over the next few […]

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Yellow Stock Castles

Our biggest selling product are yellow stocks, be they reclaimed or new, dark or bright, perhaps mixed with reds and purples to make yellow mixed stocks.  On a daily basis we receive more email and telephone queries for yellow stock than for any other imperial brick.  And, this does make perfect sense, the large majority […]

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Beautiful Reclaimed Bricks

Last year we were asked to supply reclaimed bricks for a display at the Hampton Court flower show. They were to be used to create a glasshouse, with a period cottage feel. We worked closely with the landscape architect to ensure the bricks supplied matched her vision for her garden entry. As you can see […]

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New Year New You

Every new year we are bombarded with messages of new year new you! Try something new! The start of something different! And to an extent a new year is a chance to make changes in your life, including your home!

Now is the time to think about the garden office you’ve always wanted, to go with […]

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New old bricks

Over the last few months we have seen a slowdown in the availability of reclaimed bricks, and is is something which may or may not continue. In order to ensure that we can meet demand, we are now stocking more new imperial sized bricks than ever. We are working with a range of suppliers to […]

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Imperial Brick Delivery

Windsor Reclamation offer an imperial brick delivery service covering the whole of the South East of England, on orders of a thousand or more imperial bricks, delivery is free subject to a mileage check.  Whilst around 50% of our work is within the boundaries of the M25, our lorries spend a huge amount of time delivering […]

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