Brick is back! the Telegraph declared in a recent article, which is obviously good news for us.  Brick is once again becoming fashionable, in part due to its sustainability but also as a result of the individual aesthetic it provides.  This, it is hoped, will fuel a sharp increase in demand over the next few years, particularly for higher specification products.

It however discussed the downsides of the growing trend for using bricks, the opening of the article bring about a recent plague of thefts across London for the prized yellow stock bricks typical of Georgian London.  Then, the cheapest available building material, now a highly prized, highly priced rarity.  People are seeing bricks disappearing from their garden walls, often with cars being driven into them late at night, sometimes in broad daylight!  Reclaimed bricks delivered to site if not fully secured, are being taken by seasoned opportunists.

There is also the issue with reclaimed bricks of their structural integrity, yes they have in most cases been standing for 200-300 years but they do not measure up against current manufacturing regulations and tolerance levels.  If this is something that is particularly important to yourself, your builder or your architect then we stock a wide range of imperial sized replica bricks.  Carefully engineered to mimic the distinctive appearance of old London stock bricks, wire cuts and handmade bricks, and subjected to tumbling and tinting processes to give them the distinctive look of a reclaimed brick.  They offer a fabulous alternative to reclaimed bricks, and often at a fraction of the cost.  It has been forecast that the price of superior new bricks will rise over the next year, however they will still always be considerably more cost effective than their reclaimed cousin!

Every project that we supply, no matter how big or small has different requirements, and it may be that a new replica brick is not always suitable.  We will always work closely with you to ensure that we supply you the correct brick for the needs and requirements of your project.

So it does indeed seem that brick is back!  Make an appointment today to get the ball rolling on your brick built project.