Have we reached peak fake yet? A certain new presidents overuse of the word would lead most people to believe that we have. I would say that this is just the beginning though! So from fake news to fake yellow stocks (seamless topical Segway there!).

Replica imperial bricks are quickly becoming our most popular product offering, and for good reason! They offer a cheaper, more readily available, more consistent product than a traditional reclaimed brick. As little as 7 years ago replica imperial bricks were shockingly bad and the scars of this remain throughout the southeast, with badly matched extensions, shockingly ugly new builds and mismatched garden walls.  Then they really were fake yellow stocks! But now they offer a fantastic realistic alternative to using an reclaimed brick.

In recent years however brick manufacturers have seen a potentially lucrative market and upped their game substantially. Our yard is a testament to this, in some cases the old bricks are barely distinguishable from the new. We have recently added further New Imperial Bricks to our product catalogue, having been so impressed both with their aesthetic and performance values.  We have more than three different fake yellow stocks, all reflecting slightly different areas they would have originally been used.

They are also easier to use, having a consistency of size and shape that a reclaimed brick cannot offer. Laying reclaimed bricks is an art and bricklayers spend a long night time perfecting this, so for those new to the skill or just inexperienced with reclaimed bricks, a new imperial brick is fantastic.

It must be said however that new imperial bricks are not right for every project, in some circumstances they can look to new, too clean and too, well, perfect. Some projects cry out for the rustic, haphazard look created by some reclaimed bricks. Whilst some inner London jobs require the almost black of a reclaimed yellow stock, that a replica is, as of yet, able to recreate convincingly. There is of course also the local authority who will sometimes specify that only reclaimed brick must be used!

Every project is different and has it’s own unique requirements, which is why we encourage our customers to visit our yard to discuss the plans and see for themselves the available options. Planning a project yourself? Then why not give us a call today to make an appointment to visit our yard in Sunny (well it is this week) Taplow!