Just a short post today to say Happy New Year to all of our customers!  After a short break it is back to business as usual at Windsor Reclamation.  We are in the process of recruiting a new driver, with a view to them starting in May, if you or anyone you know of would be interested in becoming a part of the Windsor Reclamation team then please give us a call and ask to speak with Gavin!

We have as always our wide range of reclaimed stock bricks, London Yellow Stocks, Yellow Mixed Stocks, mixed Stocks, Red Stocks, Handmades, Gaults and Wire Cuts.  All are in stock and available to view at our yard in Taplow, discounts apply to large quantity orders.  Despite being off to a busy start we would aim to have a delivery to you within two days of placing an order with us.  Due to the variable nature of reclaimed Stocks we would always recommend that you visit the yard to view the available options  prior to placing an order.  It also gives you the chance to discuss your needs with us in a bit more detail, ensuring a happy outcome for all!

We also have available a large range of NEW imperial sized bricks, carefully selected by us to work in harmony with existing period buildings.  New imperial bricks offer a consistency of colour and size that is almost impossible to find with reclaimed bricks, making them particularly ideal for those builders not familiar working with reclaimed Stocks.  They also offer a more cost effective option for your project; not only are they typically cheaper than a reclaimed brick, but the associated material wastage is significantly less than that of reclaimed bricks.

So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call, or drop us an email today to get your project rolling!  We hope that all of our customers both old and new have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018 and we look forward to working with you!