It’s getting to that time of year again. This weekend I saw no less than 12 adverts saying buy now and we will have it delivered or installed in time for Christmas! In our case buy now and we will have it delivered this week, possibly even the next day. We can’t however deliver the finished building. We see a huge rush of projects starting in November and very early December with the hope of it all being finished in time for Christmas. It may be a new dining room to fit in an ever growing family, or a new kitchen extension to comfortably feed an army from, or one of our crazier projects, a new huge brick barbecue with intentions of cooking the turkey alfresco this year!

Whatever the project no matter how big or small, they all have the same thing in common, finishing on time! Our advice here is to be prepared for disruption but try to be as organised as possible, especially with materials. Have you ever noticed how on grand designs the one thing that always holds the project up is materials, and more frequently than you would think it is the windows! If you are planning a project that needs imperial sized bricks then book an appointment to come and visit our yard. We stock every type of imperial sized brick common to the South East, from London Yellow Stocks, to creamy yellow gaults and rustic red handmades . We have a huge range of new imperial bricks too, and will always advise as to which would be best in our opinion. We will take the time to discuss the available options for you, working within your budgets and design brief. We can then keep the bricks you have chosen until your builder is ready for them. Always try to give two days notice to ensure that we are able to deliver them within a timely fashion.

And now breathe, one more thing taken care of, and one more step closer to your new Christmas home!