• New Imperial Smeed Deen Yellow Stock Bricks
  • New Imperial Smeed Deen Yellow Stock Bricks

Smeed Dean Yellow Stock Bricks

Our rustic smeed dean yellow stocks are perfect for work to period properties, offering a consistency in size, colour and texture not readily achieved with a reclaimed yellow stock.

• Imperial in size
• Great for most building projects
• Can be mixed with reclaimed bricks
• Available in any quantity

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    Product Description

    Our Smeed Dean Yellow Stocks are an imperial brick, yellow in colour.

    These bricks are still made in the original Smeed Dean brickworks, using the same techniques and ingredients used over 200 years ago to produce some of the first London Yellow Stock bricks.

    Smeed Dean Yellow Stocks are ideal for work to period properties or for internal and external character work where consistency in colour, texture and size is important. Being imperial in size they work fantastically against the original brickwork of your period property. This brick has been used in a number of prestigious buildings in London including the Duke of York Headquarters.

    Smeed Dean Yellow Stocks bricks are often used for extensions on properties where the customers want the new building to mirror the original house. Smeed Dean Yellow Stocks can also be mixed with Reclaimed Stocks to achieve the correct look for your property.

    Smeed Dean Yellow Stocks are often used for new build houses in conservation areas where the new house is required to blend in seamlessly with it’s surroundings.

    All Smeed Dean Yellow Stocks can be purchased in any quantity. Discounts can apply to high quantity orders. Delivery is free on orders of a thousand or more subject to a mileage check.


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