• Reclaimed Pressed Red Bricks

Pressed Red Bricks

Similar to wire cuts these are a hard faced engineering brick.  They typically have very straight edges and a good colour consistency.

  • Ideal for all building projects
  • Late Victorian and Edwardian
  • Imperial in size
  • Clean and palleted
  • Available in any quantity

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    Product Description

    Pressed Red Bricks are hard faced bricks, imperial in size and orange/red in colour.

    Pressed Reds are original imperial bricks that date back to the late 19th century and were used as a main form of building material in Victorian Britain making reclaimed Pressed Reds ideal for work to period properties, or for internal and external character work.

    Reclaimed Pressed Red Bricks are excellent for extensions, where customers wish to match the existing property as they are consistent in colour and have very straight edges. You can also use Pressed Reds to create a new building with the character of an older building. Pressed Reds are also excellent for paving and garden walls, giving that cottage feel to a property.

    There are a variety of different types of Pressed Reds it is therefore important to view the bricks and create the correct look for your property.  All photographs on our site are of previous projects, they are there to provide a guide when selecting your bricks. As with all reclaimed bricks they will vary from batch to batch.

    All reclaimed Pressed Reds bricks can be purchased in any quantity. Discounts can apply to high quantity orders.  Contact us today to discuss the available options or to obtain a quote.


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