• Reclaimed Canary Yellow Stock Bricks

Canary Yellow

London yellow stock bricks come in a variety of shades, canaries, as their name suggests are the brightest of the yellow stocks. Bright yellow in colour with very little weathering, they work with properties that haven’t been too affected by the soot and dust of London!

  • Ideal for any building project
  • Bright yellow in colour
  • Imperial in size
  • Clean and palleted
  • Available in any quantity

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    Product Description

    London Canary Yellow Stocks are an original imperial brick that date as far back as the late 18th century.  They were used as a main form of building material that is still very much in view today. Numerous properties across London and the South East of England were built with London Yellow Stocks and therefore they are still very much in demand.  Canary yellow stocks are typically found in areas where there has been little impact from air pollution.

    Yellow London Stocks are imperial in size.  London Yellow Stocks are often used for extensions on properties where the customers want the new building to mirror the original house. London Yellow Stocks are also often used for conservatory bases, internal walls and fireplaces.  They can also be used for filling in gaps where windows and doors have been removed and for external garden walls.

    There are a variety of different types of London Yellow Stocks. Some London Yellow Stocks are much brighter and are therefore known as ‘canary yellow’. They are often less weathered, maintaining their original bright yellow colour. It is important to make the right selection when choosing the bricks for your project.  Thus ensuring as close a match to the original brickwork as possible.  All photographs on our site are of previous projects, they are there to provide a guide when selecting your bricks. As with all reclaimed bricks they will vary from batch to batch.

    To create a unique look, London Yellow Stocks can be mixed with other stocks to meet your required asthetic.  We will of course help you to the best of our ability when selecting your bricks.

    All London Stocks can be purchased in any quantity. Discounts can apply to high quantity orders.  Delivery is free on orders of a thousand bricks or more, subject to a milage check.



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