• Reclaimed London yellow stocks

London Yellow Stocks

Reclaimed Yellow Stock bricks date back to the 18th century, prevalent across London and parts of the South East, they are our most popular product.

  • Ideal for most building projects
  • Vary from bright to dark and weathered
  • Imperial in size
  • Clean and palleted
  • Available in any quantity

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    Product Description

    London Yellow Stocks are an original imperial brick that date as far back as the late 18th century, and were used as a main form of building material that is still very much in view today. Numerous properties across London and the South East of England were built with Yellow Stocks and therefore they are still very much in demand.  The distinctive yellow clay from which London Yellow Stocks are made was a byproduct of the industrialisation of London, with much of it coming from the digging out of the London Underground system.

    Yellow Stocks are imperial in size.

    Reclaimed Yellow Stocks are often used for extensions on properties where the customer wants the new building to mirror the original house. London Yellow Stocks are also often used for conservatory bases, internal walls and fireplaces, filling in gaps where windows have been removed and for external garden walls.  We have over the years supplied many projects with London Yellow Stocks for the purpose of new buildings within conservation areas, working closely with the project team to ensure the new building does not look out of place within its surroundings.

    There are a variety of different types of London Yellow Stocks. Some stocks are weathered to an almost black colour, think 10 Downing St, whereas some London Yellow Stocks are a much brighter yellow and known as ‘canary yellows’. It is important to make the right selection when choosing the bricks for your project.

    To create a unique look London Yellow Stocks can be mixed with other stocks to meet your requirements.  They can also be mixed with yellow mixed Stocks in order to bring the overall price of the job down, this is typically done whereby part of the build is an unseen side wall for example.

    All reclaimed London Stocks can be purchased in any quantity. Discounts can apply to high quantity orders.


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