This is a phrase that as we see a dramatic rise in global warming, and a shortage of the Earth’s natural resources we are hearing ever more frequently. But why should this just relate to carrier bags, the food we eat and its packaging, and our utilities? What about building materials?

We may hear a lot about carbon neutral homes but there are actually relatively few carbon neutral homes in the UK, and in fact many of those will take tonnes of carbon offsetting before they hit total carbon neutrality, this is as a result of the enourmous carbon output in the production of the materials used to build these houses, concrete being the main villain in this storey!

Reclaimed bricks are not completely carbon neutral as of course they have to be transported from A-B but they are close. The buildings are taken down by hand to ensure every brick is saved so minimal carbon is produced in their reclamation, and then you only really have the transportation.

Why don’t we all use products that are already there to be used as opposed to using sometimes cheaper, but highly unfriendly new materials. The same can be said for insulation, windows, furniture the list goes on. But we are in the business of bricks and so back to bricks I must go. Our bricks are at least 100 years old and much more so in most cases; stock bricks were often made close to the buildings they were used in using local clay, for example half of Victorian London is built using the clay dug out in the building of our underground system!
So if you are looking for a more eco friendly building material in the building or improvement of your home why don’t you make an appointment to come to our yard and take a look at the reclaimed options available to you!

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