Wikipedia defines a stock exchange as a form of exchange which provides services for stock brokers and traders to trade stocks, bonds and other securities. “The Stock Exchange” is a trading name of Windsor Reclamation, for here at Windsor Reclamation we trade London Old Stock Bricks, and really our business isn’t that far removed from that of the suits in the city.
Year on year fewer old buildings are demolished, typically becoming listed once they reach a certain age, meaning that there are fewer reclaimed bricks available on the open market. However as house prices go up and it becomes harder to obtain mortgages people are looking to improve the homes they already own. This is creating a greater demand than there is supply for, and in turn pushes the prices of London Old Stock Bricks higher and higher. Equally when there is an influx of a certain type of brick in the market, the prices drop, though I fear this will happen less and less.

We never quote set prices for our products on our website as the prices of the bricks vary day to day, based on what we are able to get and for what price. Take for example the current situation with London Yellow Stock Bricks. The demand for Yellow Stocks is at an all time high with around 70% of enquiries this year being for London Yellow Stocks, however with only a few Yellow Stock demolition jobs taking place this year the demolition firms have been able to drive prices higher, a cost which is passed on to the end customer. There are often alternatives to using Yellow Stocks for the cost conscious customer, and we will always explore all of the available options with you, so don’t be put off if the quoted price is over your budget!
We always endeavour to provide the best available price to our customers, ensuring that we are offering the best product available on the market at that time at the best price we are able to secure.

So you see, when we chose “The Stock Exchange” as one of our trading names we weren’t fibbing!

Why Choose us?

  • Over 30 years experience in the reclaimed and imperial brick industry.
  • A commitment to the best quality for the best available price.
  • Exceptional customer service, with hundreds of repeat customers.
  • A sound knowledge of the building materials used throughout the southeast.
  • We work closely with our customers to attain the desired result.