What images come to mind when you think about the colder winter months? Woolly hats, mulled wine, the strictly come dancing Christmas special, dark nights and darker mornings? I think of these things and more, but I always come back to the joy of snuggling on the sofa, a trusted favourite on the television, something comforting and naughty to eat, all sat in front of the roaring fire in our wonderful brick fireplace!

Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, I spend six months of the year waiting for it, but there is something magical about the winter. I love walking along our road, seeing the smoke billowing from the chimneys, taking sneaky peaks through still open curtains to observe the cosy tableaux. It is about the feeling of being inside a warm and comfortably inviting place, when outside the icy wind is howling and the snow is falling; it feels almost magical.

So what does all this have to do with bricks? Central to many people’s ideas and imagery about winter is a fireplace, if you don’t believe me go and browse the Christmas cards that went on sale in the middle of summer! It’s a place to hang your stocking, to warm your toes by or for the family dog to dry off after a wet walk in the woods. It is also a cheap way of heating your house as the price of gas grows ever higher as well as a fairly cost effective way of injecting character in to a room.

Fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes, can be made from a number of materials and can be nostalgically traditional or at the forefront of modern design. For the more traditional designs reclaimed bricks are a way of injecting instant age, a lot of the London stocks are already stained with the soot of the Industrial Age. There are a multitude of options available, different colours, textures and ages, and for that more specific look we can work with you to create a bespoke blend.

So as we head towards the winter months and we stop (for now) thinking of summer houses and brick built barbecues, why not consider a wonderfully warming, fabulously cosy, amazingly stylish brick built fireplace?!

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