Our biggest selling product are yellow stocks, be they reclaimed or new, dark or bright, perhaps mixed with reds and purples to make yellow mixed stocks.  On a daily basis we receive more email and telephone queries for yellow stock than for any other imperial brick.  And, this does make perfect sense, the large majority of Victorian London being built in yellow stocks; bricks made from the clay excavated during the rapid expansion of London in the industrial revolution.

They are however our most volatile product in terms of supply and price.  The initial phases of cross rail generated a flood of yellow stocks in to the market as beautiful historic buildings were demolished to make way for clean, efficient progress.  The last year by comparison has seen a severe market shortage for these sought after bricks, and it shows no serious signs of letting up any time soon.  Perhaps, maybe, if the politicians get their way with the redevelopment of once fabulous Soho then we may once again see a flood on the market.

In order to try and navigate this difficult terrain we have a wide range of both new and reclaimed imperial sized yellow stock bricks, hopefully something to suit every need and fit with every project.  All being imperial bricks they can be mixed to create bespoke blends to work perfectly with your project needs.

As as with all reclaimed bricks the colour and quality vary from batch to batch, depending on where they have been taken from and how old they are, as such it is always advisable to view the bricks in person prior to placing an order to ensure that expectations are correctly aligned, and that you get exactly what you need.  The new imperial bricks provide a consistency of colour, quality and shape throughout, but perhaps don’t always have the wonderful character of a reclaimed.  Either way we will almost definitely have something to meet your needs, so please call today to make an appointment to visit our yard.